Knowles Blunck Architecture was incorporated on September 1, 2011 by Kirk V Blunck, FAIA and Stephen Knowles, AIA.

Kirk V. Blunck brings over 30 years of experience.  Kirk was previously the president of Herbert Lewis Kruse Blunck Architecture (HLKB).  HLKB was recognized in 2001 by the National AIA as “firm of the year”, and had established a national reputation for their dedication to excellence in both service and design.

Stephen Knowles brings over twenty years of experience as an architect. Stephen has been working in Minneapolis since 2000 as a designer of  large mixed-use projects and prior to 2000 had worked on award winning projects with HLKB for over 10 years. Stephen leads Knowles Blunck Architecture’s efforts for the Minneapolis studio.

Throughout their careers, the shareholders of Knowles Blunck Architecture have expanded their experiences from small private commissions to more prominent public, private and institutional work.

Today, Knowles Blunck Architecture strives to create architecture of the highest quality; and relevance by carefully tailoring projects to needs and aspirations of each client and community.  The Knowles Blunck team brings to their clients years of experience.  The pursuit by architects of Knowles Blunck have resulted in a portfolio of significant and enduring buildings rising from the goal to create sensible and innovative design solutions.